The company CIPEM SA has resolutely turned to the principles of the Blockchain in its mode of operation since February 1, 2019. Moreover, CIPEM SA aims to be one of the pioneers in the deployment of this new technology in Africa where it is currently operating. CIPEM SA is fully aware of the benefits of Blockchain technology.


These advantages are numerous and include notably:

  • Saving time and costs

  • Transparency

  • Total reliability

  • Accountability

  • Faster and digitised transactions

  • Greater security

  • Increased efficiency in all operations

  • Immutability of the data

  • Powerful tool against fraud, forgery and cyber-crime

  • Data interoperability and process integrity

  • Elimination of sources of disputes and misunderstandings between actors.

CIPEM SA aims to acquire the Blockchain architecture in a near future for the management of its operations and to be a promoter of this technology in the framework of the development of its activities.