This is one the key fields of competences of CIPEM SA. It deals with the whole upstream sector and starts from geological and geophysical data analysis to actual oil wells production monitoring and oilfield exploitation. Currently, CIPEM SA is a member in the consortium operating the CI-11 block in Côte d’Ivoire with some imminent projects of acquisition of stakes in new oilfields worldwide. Exploring new horizons and developing new prospects, developing and operating oil fields to meet the ever-growing global energy needs, these are the objectives that CIPEM SA aims to achieve. The perfect knowledge of exploration and exploitation constraints, both in the oil and mining sectors, is a first-rate expertise for the company, as evidenced by the references of our engineers in these fields. Our team is well trained in the day-to-day production technical operations listed below:


Production monitoring

  • Designing and operating tools for Oil & Gas production monitoring, forecasting and allocation, and for daily production data storage

  • Production and decline curves analysis

  • Production and Quality Control reports analysis

  • Planning and supervision of field technical operations (transmitter calibration, Oil tank gauging, transfers before shipment to international markets or sale to the local refinery)

  • Monitoring of the interests of CIPEM SA in the consortium (valuation of Oil & Gas products and the revenues from the operation of its facilities)

  • Designing spreadsheets for regular production share assessment

  • Designing tools for the control of production data and comparing them with those provided by the operator

  • Providing assistance to analyze and control petroleum costs (JIBs, Cash calls)

  • Monitoring the Brent oil prices and calculating selling prices according to the terms of the sale contract

Supervision of field work

  • Coordination of the activities of the service providers involved in the projects

  • Team management

  • Progress reports writing

  • Making sure that all the activities are carried out according to the technical specifications

  • Ensuring compliance with safety standards in all the operations

  • Checking equipment compliance with recommended standards

  • Planning and carrying out periodic inspections

  • Taking part in integrity tests and final commissioning

  • Negotiating with local populations about compensations and procedures, if any


Exploration and New Projects

  • Prospecting new investment opportunities (acquisition of stakes in new oilfields, drafting requests for proposal, etc.)

  • Project studies and engineering

  • Providing the management with decision-making tools (feasibility studies, economic studies, geological and geophysical data analysis and interpretation, etc.)

  • Analyzing the opportunities for the revitalization of producing oilfields (CI-11) (location of new drilling prospects, commissioning of new reservoirs, etc.)

  • Drafting requests for proposal

  • Contacting suppliers and studying proposals